Endurance Age-Control Créme
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For hormonally-challenged skin - Daily or periodic use

Skin Types

Women and men with hormonally-challenged skin of any type, ethnicity or age.

This rich phytoestrogen créme is effective on the Following conditions:

*Menopausal skin
*Peri-menopausal skin
*Men over 50 who report increasing dryness or loss of firmness

What It Does

Helps skin endure and control the aging effects of menopause. For men and women not yet in menopause, helps skin appear balanced during times of hormonal flux.


*Softer, moister, more comfortable skin within seconds
*Smoothing of “creepiness” on contact
*Improved clarity and firmness within one week
*Effects continue to improve daily
*Returns some of the resilient elasticity once taken for granted


This is a dose-dependent créme. Application of this Créme should be adjusted based upon the needs and Appearance of the skin and where the woman is in her cycle if she is not in menopause

Women with dry skin: Begin by applying about the size of a nickel of crme once a day, preferably in the evening, over the face and neck. If the skin is still dry after 24 hours, increase the amount slightly or apply the cream morning and evening. It is important for the woman to observe her own skin's responses. She can adjust the amounts as needed. Some women, especially those who are postmenopausal or who do not take Estrogen Replacement, may want to apply a heavy layer of crme to their skin 1-3 nights a week prior to sleep. In the morning, their skin will be noticeably softer, more vibrant and comfortable.

Women with oily skin: Because of the créme's richness, It should be used sparingly on oily skin. In fact, oily skin may respond better to Endurance Age-Control Milk's lightweight texture and lower percentage of wild yam extract.

Men over 50: Follow the same directions for dry or oily skin, depending on the skin type.

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