Triple C & E Lotion
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Stabilized Vitamins C & E For Sun Damaged Skin on the Body

Skin Types

*Sun damaged
*Uneven Tone, multiple “age spots”
*Chest or back with frequent blackheads or clogged pores
*Dry, flaky skin
*Skin lacking firmness or elasticity
*Rough, leathery, or bumpy skin


Technologically advanced formula ensures the time-released delivery within skin's surface of three forms each of stabilized Vitamin C and E as well as a biologically available form of Vitamin D and three forms of Vitamin A. Signs of sun damage are diminished within days. With regular use, this deliciously emollient, multi-vitamin lotion smoothes and discourages the reappearance of fine lines, firms dry skin and improves uneven color. Japanese green tea and other skin soothers keep visible sensitivity under control, while nourishing plant oils of jojoba, kukui, evening primrose and borage revive youthful smoothness within seconds.

Actions *Youthful radiance begins to return within minutes, as skin instantly feels more comfortable
*Leathery, fine-lines appear noticeably diminished within weeks
*Skin tone begins to even within days
*Blackheads and clogged pores begin to clear within days
Directions   Gently massage lotion over skin morning and evening. For best results, use a body scrub two to three times a week to improve skin's permeability, and apply after showering, when skin is most absorbent

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