AHA/Vitamin C Eye Créme Gel
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For Sun-damage skin around the eyes For Daily Use

Skin Types

Women and men of any ethnicity or age who have dry,
lined or crepey skin around the eyes.

This creamy gel is effective on the follow conditions:
*Fine lines and deeper wrinkles
*Dry, crepey skin


Times-released AHAs and vitamins C and E target sun damaged areas around eyes to reveal firmer, fresher, moister skin, reduce creepiness and ease the appearance of deeper lines and loss of firmness over time.

Actions Visibly smoothes fine lines and other signs of sun damage
Helps refirm aging skin above and below eyes
Instantly hydrates to reduce creepiness due to dryness
Helps prevent new lines from forming, slows loss of firmness
Begins working immediately - effects improve daily.
Directions   Gently pat onto dry skin above and below eye area after cleansing. May be worn morning and evening, alone or over gel. If applied over gel or other products wait for first product to dry completely before applying Créme Gel. If tearing, stinging or itching occurs, rinse well with cool water. Do not apply eye care products until irritation is gone.

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