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Glycolic Acid or Fruit Acids, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, are nontoxic naturally occurring substances found in a variety of fruits such as grapes, apples and sugar cane. They are also commonly known as Glycolic, Citric, Malic, Lactic and Pyruvic Acids.


Glycolic Acid is a thorough exfoliator. Glycolic Acid removes the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin leaving a smoother and healthier appearance.

Glycolic Acid is capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin and increasing the rate of dead cell shedding, new skin cell production and collagen formation.

Directions Apply to gauze pad and buff skin. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse with tepid water. May be left on for longer periods once tolerance has been built up.

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