Clearly Revealing Triple Fruit Acid Masque
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Exfoliating masque - For AHA Treated Skin

Skin Types *Slightly Dry
*Slightly Oily
*Extremely Oily

Naturally exfoliating fruit acids are blended with absorbent clays and soothing plant extracts to reveal fresh, youthful skin without irritation. Helps clear blemishes as it absorbs unwanted oils.

This deep-cleansing treatment effectively removes accumulated dead skin cells and uncovers the under- lying layers of smoother, brighter and unclogged skin. Soothing extracts from licorice and Japanese green tea provide pleasant calming sensation while exfoliating acids are at work, while protective plant extract prevent irritation and inhibit signs of sensitivity.

Not recommended for extremely dry or sensitive skin.

Actions *Unclogs impurities, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores
*Eliminates surface dead cells and discourages unsightly accumulation
*Gently refines skin texture and brightens complexion
*Facilitates extraction and promotes absorption of other skin care products
*Leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and soothed
Directions After cleansing, apply liberal amount of masque to clean face and throat avoiding eye area. Let dry completely about 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water. Use one or two times a week.

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