Skin Care Information

All of the products within the MY SKIN VH MD label have been thoroughly tested.  They are hypoallergenic when used as prescribed and are gentle and effective for all skin types.

The physician or esthetician may vary your regime and the home care products during the seasonal climate changes in order to restore or remove the dead skin. It is suggested that regular facials and skin care examinations be performed to insure optimal results in retaining a more youthful appearance. Facials are recommended to help maintain the skin or remove hyper-pigmentation conditions or to remove the dead cell layers of the skin. The typical skin care regime will contain Panthenol Cleanser, Bioflavonoid Toner, Hyaluronic Acid, (moisturizer), Eye Cream (Moisturizer), Skin Appeal (exfoliant), Essential Lipids (moisturizer) and a Day or Night Cream. Your customized skin care regime may also contain MY SKIN MD VH ²Vita CÓ Vitamin C Serum.




Our products are composed of effective levels of performance proven ingredients, and not the ingredient of the day that is in fashion. The ingredients are stabilized to make sure they retain potency from the product to the skin. Patients experience dramatic results due to the enhancement of penetration to the skin from our products. 


All our products are plant or mineral derived ingredients with multi-functional antioxidants, standardized botanicals, phytonutrients and other ingredients that have been proven effective in scientific studies. The integrity of the ingredients are in the finished product.


While most products for skin care commonly have harsh ingredients, the products at My Skin Care Center only contain soothing ingredients so as not to cause chronic inflammation to skin. 


Before selling any of the products they are subjected to the most thorough testing of any skin care available to ensure maximum product stability and efficacy.


With all these tests, the products at the Skin Care Center are proven to work. Experience the difference with MY SKIN VH MD products.


Today we have the benefit of many options to achieve the appearance we desire. To enable you to understand the many products we offer for your Skin Care Needs please schedule a complimentary appointment with either Dr. Hernandez or our Aesthetician to decide what is right for you. Dr. Hernandez feels it is extremely important to individualize your care to your specific needs. 


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